A Love Story

Meditation from the Heart - A Love Story 

I was interviewed last March by Amy Pattee-Colvin, Compassion Meditation, and Qigong teacher, author of Cultivating Compassion.
One of the things I appreciate about you is that you are smiling all of the time. I don't smile very much. 

This comment makes me realize that in most candid photos of me, I am smiling. I am a happy person. What is my secret? I believe my consistent meditation practice is a significant factor.
During this interview, Amy asked me how I got into Sum Faht Meditation. It is a bit of a love story. 

The real reason why I found out about this practice called Sum Faht is that I was engaged to be married to this fellow. The relationship was a little bit rocky. I had a sense that my spiritual side was out of balance. I had a girlfriend that went and meditated at some mysterious place in LA. I begged her to tell me who her Teacher was, and I want to go, So I went, paid for some courses, and I brought my fiancé with me as well.

 After meeting the Teacher for the first time, that particular person disliked it because it is all about being honest and looking at yourself truthfully. He quit going. 
I had paid for the courses and, of course, you know me, I am going to get the value out of my money. Especially back then, when there was not that much. I went again and then, and that time the Teacher told me, “Lisa, did you know that all men are not jerks?” I’m thinking, “MMM, What does he mean?” Within 24 hours the lightbulb went off in my head, and I realize, I have to leave this guy I am engaged too because it is such a toxic relationship. It would be better for me to go with the clothes on my back and my self. Just leave everything behind. I mustered my courage and left my home. 
Within 24 hours of leaving, I met the person with whom I am currently happily married.
Interestingly, my girlfriend said she always knew that Henry and I were meant for each other. To illustrate, she pulled out a picture of the two of us sitting together on her couch about a year prior. (I was still with my fiancee, and he was still married.) I did not remember him, nor did he remember me.  

I am laughing because the Teacher knew that we were going to be together spiritually and should be together as a couple way back when we were in the same High School, same town, with parents having mutual friends. We simply had to go on with our lives, waiting for the right timing to meet.

In the next Blog I will talk more about Sum Faht Meditation.

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