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Sum Faht Mudra Meditation

Each mudra moves slowly and fluidly into the other – do not rush or move too abruptly. Each mudra should be held for the same amount of time; a minute or more. Remember to breathe into the tantien throughout.
Bow – Respect – Begin with the gesture of respect, bowing sincerely.

Earth Mudra – Palms on knees; fingertips pointing toward the ground. We are connecting to the Earth. Making a solid foundation.

Lower Backbone – Left hand creates a soft fist 6 inches away from the solar plexus. This represents the lower half of the spine – figurative and literal foundation.

Upper Backbone – Right Fist over Left. Now we are addressing the entire spine and the flow of energies there. Building courage; physically, emotionally, spiritually.

Heart Energy Circulation – Left hand over right; thumb tips meeting; palms up in lap; circulate energy; Up the Left arm, toward the heart, down the right arm and around.

Yin Yang Mudra – bring left palm up chest level, turn over, facing the right, keeping the elbow down; feel the energy between the two palms. Accept all your polarities and dualities.

Throat Chakra – Bring palms together (prayer), extend thumbs to point at throat. Addressing the energies of the throat, opening, balancing and enhancing our ability to speak with righteousness.

Heart Chakra – Lower prayer hands, pointing thumbs at the heart. Sum Faht is all about working with the spiritual/healing energy of the heart.

Crown Chakra – Tuck the thumbs back in and raise the prayer hands up above the crown; connecting with your One Source.

Root Chakra – Slowly lower the prayer position, pausing at the heart, turn fingers downward, continuing moving down with a full extention at the root.

Palms to Heaven – Raise both hands, palms up, shoulder width apart, shoulder level. Work with the energies outside yourself.

Connect with Inner Source – Bring Left palm down to Tantien facing belly, place the right over left. Connecting with your inner energies.

Heavenly Eye – As you bow, bring hands into prayer position; touching your thumbs to your third eye, sit upright.

Gold Touches Water – Slowly lower the prayer position, pausing at the heart. As your palms open, let them rest upward on the lap as you bring the left thumb and second finger together. Working with the Terrestrial/Earthly Elements (cum soy).

Sun Touching Heaven – As the left hand releases, bring the right thumb and second finger together. Working with Celestial Elements (Teen Yat).

Heavenly Triangle – Open the palms up on knees. Imagine a triangle formed with the 3rd Eye and mid point of each palm. We surrender to the Self, Deepening our connection. Harmony and Balance.

Earth Mudra – Return to Earth; Turn Hands over on the knees, fingertips downward.

Bow – Thankfully – Bow in an unrushed, sincere gesture of respect.

Rub palms together briskly on exhale; inhaling with palms over face; x 3

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