7 Tips for Meditation

Helpful Tips from My Latest Meditation Workshop

As a meditation teacher I find it important to go see my Teacher periodically to get recharged, inspired and to have a sense of progress. I recently traveled to L.A. to attend a weekend workshop and here are some of my take a ways.

We use meditation to find peace until we (permanently) R.I.P.  As you go into meditation you are entering a state of peace for a few minutes or longer. Meditation is best if approached in a very relaxed way. If you are too ridged you cannot learn as well. As you progress with your practice a few minutes can extend to a long time.

After Teacher meditated, he said, “If I sat here longer, my meditation would have been sustained for a lengthy time. Do you know why? It is because I am aware of the Divine in everything. The Divine can be a place to where you can go as well.”

In the story of Siddhartha (Buddha) it is said that he left the palace to get a better understanding about life, living, suffering and getting old.

In life there is suffering. But you can choose to do more learning about suffering or you can choose to live with lots of suffering for yourself. Suffering is a natural part of life. It comes in many forms. Cultivate to transcend the self. Do the best you can. Also, add lots of happiness to your life.

 Teacher asked the contemplative question, “Does it matter where you go at death?” You know, Heaven can be had now by virtue of having peace with yourself.

Happiness can come from knowing we are a part of the Divine.

Make personal changes before you crossover so that others will think kindly of you when you have ‘passed’. Use your life now to become the best person you can be. The strength for this can be found through a solid meditation practice.

It is so easy to feel lousy. It is the continuous feeling good that is difficult. Start by being mindful of what you say to yourself. In the morning look at your reflection in the mirror and be happy to see that wonderful person!

We all have a ‘small self’ and a ‘big self’. Meditation helps to bring the ‘big self’ forward or to the surface more. Every time we meditate, not only do we sit with the daily small bits of our lives, but we address something greater than ourselves as well.

Better Sleep: Meditate before bed. If you have had a “long day” then this is an especially good practice.  Do not focus on the things you cannot fix.  If you wake up in the middle of the night; breathe deeply; inhale and exhale while focusing on the tan tien (Just below your navel.). This is also considered meditation. Another Technique: In standing meditation, tighten both fists at your sides. Hold firmly for about a minute. Then relax everything. This will help with your sleep as well.

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Fire Rooster - 2017

The Year of the Fire Rooster – 2017Gong Hey Fat Choy! Happy New Year!

January 28, 2017 is the first day of the Year of the Fire Rooster.

People born in 1957 or 2017 are Fire Roosters and are considered trustworthy, with a strong sense of timeliness and responsibility at work. Besides being loyal they are talkative and popular in a crowd. Lucky numbers are 5, 7 and 8. Lucky colors are gold, brown and yellow. Please avoid red and be wary of 1, 3 and 9.

How will this year play out? Conflicts and plenty of debate can be expected during the year of the Rooster. The cocky presence and fearless action will bring about change, whether it is needed or wanted by the masses.

The Rooster is often compared to a ‘Don Quixote’ – ready to take on any challenge that presents itself with a notable strut of confidence and a progressive attitude that is impossible to beat.

This year is perfect for those who wish to put effort into reaching the ultimate levels in health – mental, physical and financial, but not so well for those who favor being lazy. Living the life of a couch potato may have disastrous results.

This will not be a year of hand-holding, but rather more like finger pointing and judging. This is especially true for those who haven’t lived up to expectations or promises made.

If you lack discipline, you will be criticized and left behind, but if you strive for perfection and accomplishment, then all is possible.

In the bigger picture, loyalty and a wiliness to work in concord with the majority will help the outcome of a year of posturing. It will take strong savvy leadership to navigate through the challenges that face the world physically and financially.

In other words, showing excellence and integrity along with compassion and logic will be the best course during this year’s muddled moments. Hopefully, this will help prevent hasty reactions based on assumptions instead of facts.

I am hoping to see relationships strengthened globally with countries united in striving for freedom and peace on earth as well as making smart environmental decisions.

Remember, that taking daily moments in meditation has a humongous ripple effect for the positive. Please join me in the spirit of meditation.

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New Year Beginnings

New Year - New Beginnings

Happy New Year!

As the New Year begins we often have some resolutions or habits we want to implement. Let’s breathe deeply and take a moment to remember that creating new ways of being can temporarily cause confusion or other discomforts in our life or routines. But hey, in the long run, it will be worth it, right?

Exercise and meditation are examples of ‘keystone’ habits (habits that create a ‘virtuous circle’. i.e. have a beneficial domino effect or feedback loop.) Keystone habits are intentional repetitive activities, which at first require effort and discipline, but are done because they are good in nature and build solid foundations for your future endeavors. 

‘Bad habits’, on the other hand, result from avoiding effort, discipline and intention. These habits feel like they are going towards comfort, rest, pleasure, but they actually slowly make us less capable, less healthy, and happy and often lead us toward pain cycles. Did you know that sustaining a bad habit often takes just as much effort as implementing or working on one that is better for you?

Unfortunately there is no “one step to heaven” secret to instant success for new habits, but I have learned some tricks which have helped me with creating new good habits.

1.     I schedule into my calendar when I will be doing the  new activity.

      2.     I make it as fun as possible.

      3.     If appropriate, I engage a friend to help be my 'conscience’. Usually this person is interested in creating a similar new habit.

      4.     As I decide to do the new habit I take a moment to write down all the benefits and reasons I have    to make the change (including the cons for not doing it). When the going gets tough I review my reasons. Laugh at myself for trying to take a shortcut. Realize how little time it will take me and  then I go for it!

      5.     At the end of the day I take a moment to be grateful for what I have done or assure myself that            tomorrow I have another chance if I happened to have skipped it today.

     Let’s make 2017 the best year ever! Use your wisdom from the past to help create a better you for the future. Good luck implementing some keystone habits.   

I hope that meditation is one of them!

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