Words are inadequate to describe the profound energetic shift I feel when I attend the Wednesday night Sum Faht meditation class.  I feel grounded and uplifted at the same time.  Lisa leads with grace, humility and deep wisdom.
 Something I really love about the Sum Faht meditation class is that we get to practice a variety of approaches to meditation.  By doing so, I stay energized and connected.  If monkey mind starts playing me in one exercise, I often find myself dropping deeper into eternal bliss the next. Blessed Be. Peace. - Linda Kimball Grace, CMT, Santa Cruz
Happy Meditator

I love many kinds of meditation.  This one especially because it allows sharing of experiences and so there is a sense of progress or going more in depth.  Also, very nice, loving people.  -Patrizia Materassi, Scotts Valley

When I participate in any meditation, I find that the teacher is really an important element of the process. Our local teacher, Lisa Carter, brings her experience, and utmost devotion to the meditations that we experience. She provides a variety of deep breathing, natural movement, and mudra meditations.

Sum Faht Meditation involves the divine energies of the heart. When I go to my heart, I can find love, warmth, generosity, and compassion. If I can stay in the grace of those feelings, then my life is orbiting around love and compassion. What a relaxing and beautiful state of grace can be attained by regular attendance. I find that my life and my attitude has improved manyfold.
-Nicole Morelli, Boulder Creek