Feeling tied up in knots?
Looking for deeper healing?
Wanting a sense of inner peace?

Welcome to
 Meditation from the Heart
 taught by Lisa
Santa Cruz, California

If you are searching for ways to 
  • Increase your mindfulness,
  • Bring spirituality to your profession,
  • Experience deeper insights on your path,
Then Meditation from the Heart is for you. 
 Join us Monday Mornings or Thursday Evenings for  Meditation from the Heart
(See Calendar for dates and times)
Meditation from the Heart is an off-shoot of Sum Faht Meditation. Sum Faht translates to ‘Healing Energies of the Heart’. Whether you join us in our Santa Cruz Center or in the virtual world, you are invited to come and learn:
Sum Faht Meditation practice integrates mind, body, and spirit by activating divine energies of the spiritual heart. Working with these energies awakens intuition and the ability to heal ourselves and others.

Sum Faht Meditation practice combines the stillness of traditional meditation with movement, in both sitting and standing positions.

Through the Sum Faht Meditation, you will deepen your meditation practice, awaken your intuition, and explore the practical application of your spiritual energies in healing, connecting, and sensing.

The Sum Faht Meditation is recommended for anyone interested in meditation, beginner through advanced. It is a wonderful way to pause, anytime, and lift your spirits. 

For more information or assistance, please contact Lisa MeditationFromTheHeart@gmail.com.