Heart Mind

Heart Mind - Being in the Moment.

I have always loved The Pattern On The Trestle Board (B.O.T.A.), especially the first two
lines: “This is the truth about the Self. All the power that ever was or will be is here now.”
I think it really helps one to grasp the notion of the Heart Mind.

What is the Heart Mind? It is the mind that flows from our heart - full of compassion and
wisdom. We all have an efficient and effective mind living in our brain which rules the majority
of our life. Even while meditating our mind may enter the scene taking us away from the beauty
of the moment. We do need our mind to function and interpret any revelations we might receive
during meditation. The trick is to learn and spend time cultivating our connection with our
Heart Mind - aka - spiritual mind.

Exercise: Sit in a relaxed, comfortable position. Bow with your hands at your heart. Take
a couple of deep breaths at your tan tien (just below your navel). Close your eyes and allow your mind to relax. The goal is to think of absolutely nothing.
Let go of the need for things to be any particular way right now.  Let your experience in this
moment be whatever it is. Perhaps you're feeling some tension and you have a belief that
tension should not be present in your meditation. Allow this to be as it is. Simply breathe into
your tension and allow yourself to be here in this moment.

Let go of the past. Let go of the future. Just be here now. Allow everything in your
environment to be as it is without needing to control it. Let yourself be enough. The you
who you are right now, not the one you think you need to be. You are perfect just the
way you are. There is only one of you. You are unique and special.

The ego is hard-wired with the need to know. Thinking this is how we find our way through
life. It grasps onto certainty and onto knowledge like prize possessions. It is not unusual to
have fears like, without knowing, I’ll be lost. It doesn't realize that the very act of holding
onto knowing, obstructs your ongoing wisdom from rising anew in each moment.

When our attention is no longer distracted by everything we cling to, it becomes free to move
with what arises in each moment. Free to understand, know and see. Being available for
instantaneous wisdom.  Intuition is available to blend with your hard-earned knowledge.
Practice letting go of every idea your mind produces during meditation. Let go of each thought
as it comes to your mind, beliefs that you're holding onto. Greet them nicely, “Hello ideas,
hello thoughts, you can move along now. There is plenty of time for you later.

The fullness of you is beyond imagination, beyond concept, beyond any story you could
ever tell about yourself. Every image you could invent to represent yourself would be
just a snapshot, a minute fraction of a universe that cannot be contained within the mind.
It takes the depth of your Heart Mind to contain the vastness of you. In fact when we look
deeply into our beliefs about ourselves, we find that any idea we hold on to about limitations
are restricting the full experience and expression of who we actually are.

The ego thinks that we need to know who we are in order to know how to be. It seems
like without any self-image, self-concept or self-story, we wouldn't know who to show up as.
What we find is that if we let go of the need to know who we are, and no longer hold on to
any preconceived self-image or self-concept, everything we need to know about who to be,
reveals itself spontaneously in the moment. A way of being, unpremeditated, instantaneous
freedom of being reveals itself over and over again. There's no need for us to control it.
There's no need for us to bridle who we are, what we are. The fullness of being, of self,
shows up, free of any rigidity. Instantaneous and luminous, we dance with life, each moment
a new move.

Truly being in the present moment allows you to see what it means to let go of the future.

Often, the identification with the ego has us looking to the future as the place and the time
when everything is going to be just right, when things/circumstances will be different, or
feelings will be different. This future that lives in our mind has no basis in reality. The future
we imagine never comes and it never will. All there ever is, all there ever was is this moment
right now. Can you allow yourself the concept of living in this present moment and realize it
is the only moment you'll ever have? Cultivating, through meditation, being in the moment,
builds the perfect future for you. The perfection we long for will surprisingly appear.

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