Year of the Dog 2018

Happy Chinese New Year!
2018 Year of the Dog
Happy Chinese New Year! February 16, 2018 is the 4,715th Chinese Year.
This year will be Male (Yang) Earth Dog. Often characterized by two mountains close to
each other. This 11th sign in the Chinese Astrology is a symbol of intelligence and
People will focus on real estate, agriculture, fashion, art, entertainment, environment
and integrity. There will be people coming together to help the less fortunate.
Perhaps we will see changes to make a better balance between the rich and the poor.
As one makes their plans, be sure to think through possible obstacles and clear any
foreseen blockages with ‘dogged’ perseverance before proceeding.
There is a ancient Chinese saying, “A happy event can counteract three disasters.
Be sure to plan some happy events for yourself.
It is a good year to change the way you think and actively seek new ways to
launch or share your ideas among friends or the marketplace.
Political note: The year of the Dog could be a turning point in human history.
President Trump is born in the Year of the Fire Dog, and while a dog is usually
‘man’s best friend’, it can also have a dark side. Perhaps the dog is quick to anger,
critical of others, stubbornly will not take advice, hypersensitive to criticism and
deeply emotional.
The energy of the dog will be emphasized – both the positive traits (friendliness, loyalty,
caring of others) and the negative (could bite or attack if mistreated or given a command.)

Dog folks may find themselves challenged emotionally. Remind yourself to not quarrel
over simple matters with loved ones or colleagues.
Get good sleep. Number 9 will be lucky.

Please join me Monday mornings and Wednesday nights. See calendar page for the dates.

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