Spiritual Cramming

Spiritual Cramming

I’ve found myself – as I do periodically – with the feeling that I have some ‘free time’ on my hands. With that feeling, faithfully comes the itch to fill it right on up. Yes, folks I definitely scratched that itch.

This time I’ve gone for the spiritual gusto. My regular Sum Faht Meditation practice is firmly in place and inside of that practice I occasionally use a timing device (app) called the Insight Timer. This app is connected to other users. It is quite a delight to know that during my Wednesday evening classes there are usually another 3,500 people meditating across the world at the same time we are.

I decided to join a 12 week course called the Practice of Direct Awakening lead by Craig

Hamilton. Awakening is beyond the mind. One of the fun things he challenged our group with an exercise of sitting for 15 seconds and simply let everything be as it is. Success! Now do it for 30 seconds. No matter where your mind goes let it be and have no judgement. How about you try this too!  And when you are done, add a few more minutes of meditation. (Simple – Right!?) Be easy with it. Be who you really are right now.

Meanwhile, I have also joined an 8 week women’s group which
involves creating and singing beautiful heartfelt songs about life, love and feminine mysteries. Plus we are delving into our direct lineage and honoring all of the women who without whom we would not exist. This intention is also a powerful healing around being a woman in this world.

There is a gentleman, David Nicol, who is making a huge effort to join and educate people about the phenomena of Group Subtle Fields. I am listening in periodically to these talks. Even if you are not in the same room together you can actively connect/feel the energy a group.

The Book of Joy – an – audio book with His Holiness the Dalai Lama and Archbishop Desmond Tutu – narrated by the husband, Doug, of my friend and medical doctor, Dr. Rachel Abrams, is currently escorting me during my drives to the various places life takes me. It is a personal goal of mine to be as happy as possible all day long. I am learning about the spiritual depths of joy versus the state of being happy from listening to these amazing spiritual leaders. I highly recommend enjoying your own copy of this fabulous book. One key component is the mental aspect of having a good attitude with compassion and generosity toward yourself and other human beings.

I’m laughing right now because I’m remembering that during all these years of meditating  (29) my Teacher has encouraged most people to not read books on spirituality because any questions you may have you can find the answer to by going within. You need only to sit in meditation. This advice really has worked for me. I am, however, reading a book right now called The Diamond Cutter – The Buddha On Managing Your Business and Your Life. This book has not only been entertaining, but has given me some sweet insights on the art of detachment. And a gentle reminder about how every moment contains the flow for infinite possibilities.

Lastly, I am giving a heartfelt plug for the book Cultivating Compassion – Simple Every Day Practices For Discovering Peace of Mind and Resilience. Why? Because I am proud of my little sister, Amy Pattee Colvin, who authored this book. Within its pages you will find help day by day for 66 days to develop a personal practice – discovering more about yourself with a compassionate heart.  

Of course all of this spiritual cramming is on top of my regular day to day life of running Water Star Motors, home and self-maintenance. I love my life!  

Please join me Monday mornings and Wednesday nights. Or, if you prefer, book a private session. See calendar page for the dates. www.MeditationFromTheHeart.com

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